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What started off as a hobby turned into a full time business. MX Autocare is focused on that small group of enthusiast that are looking for that unique and top quality detailer. The services offered are for that group of people looking to get the most out of their vehicles appearance and finish. 


Being self taught and then working with other top detailers I am confident the skill set learned will deliver you the best. Offering services that are focused on quality using the best brands, skill set and thus separating MX Autocare from all other detailers in the area. Offering customers high end services like paint correction, ceramic coatings, vinyl wraps, show car preparations and car collection maintenance.


Mobile services are offered if they meet the requirements. I prefer to work out of a clean garage with access to utilities. Mobile services are not just limited to our area, they are offered across the USA. As I work with many types of cars including high dollar collectibles and race cars I can guarantee you the BEST. Having worked on single stage, base coat-clear, vinyl, satin, and matte finishes gives me the proper knowledge to work with many vehicles. 

The GOAL is to grow MX Autocare into a respectable and honest brand. Customer service is what I strive for. 

All of this is Passion Driven!


I hope to meet you in person and see how your investment can be improved on. 

Max Shumeyko

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