Luxury Wash 



         Proper wash technique is not known by many people. With poor washing technique swirls and scratches can be very easily induced into the cars paint. This will sacrifice the clarity, shine and gloss of your car. This is why we provide the perfect wash to keeping your car's appearance in check. A two bucket wash method is used to keep the painted surface scratch free. Every inch of the car is thoroughly washed to present a like new finish. This is recommended to be done on a weekly/biweekly basis. 


  1. Wheels are soaked and washed

  2. Car foamed down to loosen all dirt

  3. Rinse

  4. Car is Foamed again 

  5. All badges and small areas are cleaned with detail brush

  6. Wash with two bucket method

  7. Rinse

  8. Dry using soft MF towel and detail spray to add lubrication

  9. Interior Vacuumed and dusted. 

  10. Glass cleaned streak free.

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