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The services we offer below are professionally performed to offer the best results. Very dirty, stained, soiled and old cars will be priced differently. Please call and schedule a FREE estimate.

 detailing car wash harrisonburg bmw m3

Luxury wash 


Proper washing techniques are a must to keep the car looking its best without inducing swirls, marring, and scratching. Throw some sealant to top things off for protection.

tesla detailing car wash paont correctio

Full Detail


The traditional full detail package. Perfect for new cars or that have been detailed before. 


Perfect solution for the ones in need of interior detail only.

porsche detailing ceramic coating paint
bmw m6 ceramic pro ceramic coating harri

Paint Correction 

For customers that are looking for a better then new finish. This is the ideal option. Swirls, maring, oxidation, and deeper scratches are removed for glass like finish.

​Custom Options

We go above and beyond with what we can offer. Please feel free to message us, txt, or call for any more information. 


  • Wet sanding

  • Spot detailing

  • Glass polishing

  • Undercarriage Detailing

  • Wheel polishing

  • Leather Treatment

  • Carbon Fiber restoration 

Ceramic Pro

The ULTIMATE in paint protection. This is a semi permanent ceramic coating that lasts years. Nothing comapared to a wax or a sealant.


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